What God Knows...

Friday, February 23, 2007

...And we don't.

For those of you who may be wondering what my work situation is, I have agreed to stay on fulltime at HSLDA through May 21st until my replacement can come on fulltime after graduation. On May 21st, I will actually start maternity leave, during which time I will receive 60% of my salary for two months or so. Then I have the option of quitting entirely or coming back to work fulltime at HSLDA--not in my current position, necessarily, but at the same salary and hours.

Basically, I figure God is looking out for us. We didn't know we'd have to pay out $2700 in taxes this year. This way, I will also remain under HSLDA's benefits and allow Pete a little more time as he studies for the Bar in July. We will be able to pay any extra expenses for the home birth we are seriously considering. We will be able to afford diapers. (hee hee)

So that's where I am now. It's nice to have a decision and some resolution to the constant "what is going on with my job" that I've been going through since December. Please pray for me, though, because I am doing a bit more than I had anticipated, continuing to work fulltime while shooting and editing four more weddings through May. I need these weddings to be good--good lighting, easy editing, and very much fun. I also need energy to keep going, and time to eat. (Eating is very important.)


eeyore said...

sorry, this is the first I heard about your pregnancy. first off, CONGRADS!!!
how far along are you?

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