i am busy

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello? Oh yes, Mom, it's me! I'm very busy in here, or hadn't you noticed? I'm working on getting stronger with all my moving around and kicking. My goal is to take your breath away in one solid kick! How am I doing?

That scheduling thing? I don't really want to go to bed when you want to go to bed, and if I want to get up earlier... well, won't I do that after I'm born too? Please don't tell me how to schedule my days! Just feed me and keep me happy and I promise I'll try and be good. Really!

Besides, you have other things to think about! Lots of stuff to get for the home birth you want to do so I can feel safe when I get out there, you know, and there's all that weight you still have to gain! Stop worrying so much about *me* and what I'm supposed to be doing here, and FOCUS! Count your blessings. At least you know I'm still alive, right?


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