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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hullo, there, Baby Weebix. Today, Mommy is going to share some things with you that she thinks you need to know about your daddy.

1.) Your daddy is the most incredible man I've ever known. This is saying something. You will understand more someday.

2.) If your daddy calls me "George," it's okay.

3.) Your daddy is very, very smart. Don't let him convince you otherwise. And if you tell him he is smart, you can make him turn red.

4.) Your daddy is funny. He is very good at putting other people at ease.

5.) Your daddy has cleaned the house more times since I met him than I probably have in my whole life. This is a very good thing (but not a necessary thing!) for a husband to do. Keep this in mind when you are spouse-hunting.

6.) Your daddy is a fencer. He carries a grace and a confidence with him when he has a foil in his hand that you can't see any other time. Mommy likes this about him a lot. I think he will be the one to teach you about honor.

7.) Your daddy's love is like God's love. This is really important. Mommy fell in love with your daddy because he is so much like God in the way he loves others. He is still human, but his love is a picture for me (and I think it will be a picture for you) of the way God loves me.

This is all for now, since you're not up for terribly long posts. I'm getting the impression you'd like to write one too!


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