27 Weeks

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

For the most part, I have been studiously avoiding blogging about my pregnancy at Restless Heart, quite simply because I believe there is more to me than being pregnant. Perhaps this is just naiveté on my part--maybe my whole identity actually *is* being a mom and having a baby. But for the time being, I shall blithely continue on my merry way, believing that there is still something about me as Kelly and my own non-programmed thought processes (read: RAMBLING) that is worth writing down. (We can discuss later how much people actually like READING what I write...)

I am, however, breaking my rule today, because Weebix and I have just reached 27 weeks. To some of you who have never been pregnant, "27 weeks" means pretty much nothing. But "27 weeks" means that Weebix and I have now attained the official end of our second trimester.

This, we feel, is an accomplishment. We are both still healthy (outside of a few stress-induced oncoming adrenal issues); we are both still active; we have gained 25 pounds in six months; we have not yet driven Pete insane. We have enjoyed the spring together and we have moved beyond my initial fear of change to a bit of excited anticipation.

27 weeks means that it will be only about three months until I get to hold my baby in my arms. 27 weeks means that I still have three months to get even bigger than I already am. (There should be a picture coming at some point soon; I just need to get a little help taking it!) 27 weeks means that I will soon be quitting work and going home to prepare for the baby's arrival. 27 weeks means that Weebix is about 3 pounds and still has room to whack that 3 pounds around inside of me. 27 weeks means that if the baby is born now, it can survive. 27 weeks means that now my focus is turning toward preparation for enduring labor; I am not just worried about keeping Weebix healthy inside me.

It is comforting to know that it actually works. None of us would be here if it didn't. It is very strange to experience something you have taken for granted your entire life.


PaperYarnGirl said...

"It is very strange to experience something you have taken for granted your entire life."

I love this thought! It's so true about birth and motherhood. And true of knowing Father's love for us. I mean, we all KNOW that God loves us... but it's another thing all together to really know it because you've experienced it and lived in it.

I love reading what you write; don't stop! It's fun to have a peek into your journey into motherhood... always an adventure! :-)

Mark and Erin said...

Yay!!! One more trimester left. It goes so fast and so slow all at the same time. Can't wait to see you at S. & J.'s wedding. :-)

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