Friday, April 13, 2007

"Hey there, Weebix!"

Thump Thump. ("Hi Mom!")

"You know you're getting bigger every day?"

LARGE WHACK. ("No Mom, I hadn't noticed.")

"Does my singing bother you?"


"Hey, this is important to me! Do you like my singing?"

Thump...BOP. ("It's all good, Mom. You have the voice of an angel. What's singing?")


Bump. Bubble, bump. ("So Mom, what's for dinner? No more peanut butter, it gives me hiccups!")

"Baby, we've got a lot to do, you know. We've only got three months left!"

Bump, thump... WHACK. ("Mom, I'm trackin' with ya. I am running out of space in here... and uh, could you stop rolling over on me?)

"I can't wait to hold you, little one."

Pleased bump. ("Hee hee... I've got her right where I want her...")


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