Far Better Things

Friday, April 27, 2007

Pete and I have recently renamed our joint blog, and I have updated the formatting a bit today. The blog now features a slideshow of pictures we have had sitting in our archives for a couple of years now.

(Yes, I know: The cobbler's children go without shoes, and the photographer goes without pictures!)

You can click this link to view Far Better Things


Megs said...

I LOVE it!!! The slideshow is really awesome!!!

Lynette said...

LOVE that picture at the ocean! Really enjoyed the slideshow, for anybody else having difficulty viewing it, it doesn't seem to work in Firefox, I watched it with Explorer instead. Great job!

Gabe said...

Awesome new look...and I was happy to note that you correctly noted the authors of some posts. I was beginning to think that you were channeling very bizarre spirits...

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