missing dad

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mom and I miss Dad.

He's been at a conference since Thursday. We haven't gotten to talk to him much at all, because he keeps getting interrupted with things he has to take care of.

Mom is really grumpy about this.

I tried to make it up to her this morning when we woke up in bed without dad. I kept telling her it was all cool, and she wasn't really alone. She laughed a little and talked to me some. I liked that. Then she started tapping on me, and I kicked back! I think it was our first real conversation!

We photographed another wedding yesterday with Uncle Kate. It was really sunny outside (I can tell that now, don't you know!), and the wedding was really fun. We got a lot of good pictures, but it just wasn't the same without Dad feeding us and running around like a chicken with his head cut off.

Here is a picture that we took of the bride and the groom. They were watching a slideshow about the groom's dad, who died when he was a teenager. The groom was crying. I think he was missing his dad, like I missed mine this week.

Mom was crying too. I think having Dad gone has gone to her brain or something. She can't control her crying anymore.

We are tired of missing Dad. We hope he comes home very soon!


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