Things I Didn't Know

Thursday, April 26, 2007

This week, I have discovered that:

1) Leaves really do just pop out in a day.

2) We have a little groundhog living in the field across our brook.

3) Groundhogs eat dandelions.

4) I still remember how to cook. (Tuesday's triumph--a blueberry cheesecake with a lime twist. The topping was homemade. I am SO going to start a recipe blog here, complete with pictures!)

5) Filling a day at home is quite different from filling a day at an office.

6) I could actually gain 28 pounds in six months and that it could be so difficult to move myself around.

7) "Tired" is a word I have not yet begun to understand.

8) I really can live through my weekdays without passing Pete's office every ten minutes or so.


Naomi said...

*grin* yay for groundhogs!

Your profile pic is stunning, just fyi...

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