33 weeks

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Weebix and I are getting the feeling of being almost done. I am told that it is normal for me to be emotional at this point in my pregnancy, what with the coming of the biggest physical task I will probably ever face and all the changes that are just around the corner.

We're officially down to seven weeks until our due date, and if we're lucky, we'll get off with just five more so that we can have a June baby. I'm getting tired much more easily (if that's possible!), but more excited. I'm quite determined not to get to the point that draws the knowing looks even from the men I talk to in which the pregnant woman just "can't wait to be done."

Sheesh, can a girl just have a good attitude about being pregnant? This baby's a gift, and something to look forward to--I can't resent Weebix for being here, or God for creating me in such a way as to sustain this little life. Sure, I'm at a point where I am VERY ready to be able to wear my old clothes (I miss my jeans! *wail*), and have my waist back and be able to reach my toes, but all that will just be gravy on top of getting to really hold Weebix in my arms.

And perhaps preferable to having little feet in my ribs...


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