Friday, May 18, 2007

I have a habit of bringing my own bedding along with me on road trips. I think it's a habit that probably drives Pete nuts, but it helps me feel somewhat secure when I lie down to go to sleep at night.

We're in Charleston, S.C. this week for a homeschool conference. I came simply as Pete's spouse (translation: I'm not getting paid to be here), but we're both enjoying the time together and the time with Gabe. So far, it's been a really good trip.

There was one glitch, however, that I hadn't quite counted on. Room service. Did you know, hotel room service changes your pillowcases during the day? We very nearly lost one of my new white pillowcases forever to the purge! Understanding that a hotel must go through hundreds of pillowcases in a given day, I knew I might not be able to recover it.

Kudos to the Hilton Garden Inn in Charleston, S.C. for finding our pillowcase!

Yes, this was a random post. And now I am going to nap. Because I can.


Pastor Bob said...

Hi Kelly! I like your blog. I was wondering how you got the links like that up on top? Would you mind helping me out to do that?

You can e-mail me at: Bob@PortageChurch.org

Or contact me on Yahoo Messenger: uturns_org


Gabe said...

Yay indeed:-D

Thanks for hanging out with me.

Kelly Sauer said...

We were happy to do it! Golly, but we miss you!

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