Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My friend Heidi just saved me from my writer's block on the post I've been working on this morning by tagging me with a random "meme" that requires me to list seven random facts about myself and then tag seven other people to do the same.


/meem/ n. [coined by analogy with `gene', by Richard Dawkins] An idea considered as a replicator, esp. with the connotation that memes parasitize people into propagating them much as viruses do.

It sounds definitionally unsafe, but because I'm tired of beating my brain against a wall for something profound and authentic, I'm going to take the plunge. You only live once, right?

Random Fact #1: I love soft jazz music. You know, the kind they play in the night clubs in the old movies to get you to fall in love? The kind that produces "Moonlight Becomes You" and "Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine" and "L-O-V-E." It makes me want to dance and set out roses and eat dinner by candlelight and take pictures at wedding receptions.

Random Fact #2: I have gained over 30 pounds in the last 8 months, and I have a month in which I am supposed to gain 10-15 more. Pregnancy really does interesting things to your figure.

Random Fact #3: I own and love a (mostly) white Honda CRV whose name is Fred (though Pete will argue that it is Fred Bernard--we're still trying to figure out the origin of our disagreement).

Random Fact #4: I have a dream of getting into counseling. I'm not sure how to go about it, though, because I largely disagree with the "don't get involved" methods that are out there. I think I'd like to get emails/calls from people who have questions or need encouragement. God called me to people. I figure He can figure it out.

Random Fact #5: I just shot my last scheduled wedding two weekends ago. After I finish processing the five weddings I currently need to edit, and after my baby's born, I will be making a decision as to whether I will continue trying to build my photography business or just let it go and use my camera for play. I'm open to input.

Random Fact #6: Red, Hot, n Blue has become my restaurant du jour over the last few weeks. Pete now knows how to bribe me out of the house for dinner.

Random Fact #7: I don't believe that you only truly love once and the rest is just baggage. I think God is bigger than a broken heart and that He doesn't have a "Plan B" for when we goof up His "perfect will." I just can't see Him getting taken by surprise. I think we just figure we can figure His plan out from whatever point we're at in our lives.

Now the seven people I'm supposed to tag. Supposing they read my blog and would be interested in further propagating this meme, they are:

1. Gabe - my big/little brother (he's the only guy in the world on whom I can get away with a little sister act)
2. Tee - one of my best friends who doesn't blog nearly enough and is married to a guy who won Wheel of Fortune and got admitted to Harvard Law and who is currently in Fiji scuba diving
3. Pete - my best hubby who needs to post something random because he hasn't in a long time
4. Em - my still-speaking-to-me college roommate from Freshman year at PHC (she's brilliant and awesome)
5. Erin - my other still-speaking-to-me college roommate from Freshman year at PHC (she's also brilliant and awesome and mother to one of the CUTEST little boys I've ever seen)
6. Dan - Angel's husband, who I know is really cool but doesn't usually post
7. Leeann W. - my very cool D.C. friend who is coming to my house this weekend!


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I'm done too... and need your help with putting a new profile pic up when you have a chance. I think I need to do something in the template and I'm not smart enough to do it. :-P

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