Captured: Transience

Monday, June 4, 2007

Because I'm not feeling well today, and because I was avoiding a thunderstorm, and because I am somewhat narcissistic, I spent a couple of hours shooting some pictures of myself in the mirror. Really, every photographer should try this at some point or another, just to get a feel for both ends of the camera.

Anyway, I got a few results out of way too many many attempts (I really am my own worst photography subject), and I have posted them on my new photography blog. I get so many random shots that I don't get to show on my website or to my clients, I thought it was time to start keeping a record of them, instead of boring any readers of this blog with the pictures.

You can get to the blog by clicking on the photo below or on the link at the top of my sidebar.


PaperYarnGirl said...

LOVE that picture! You are a fabulous photographer - you have a great gift of capturing the emotion and heart of your subject.

Kelly Sauer said...

Thanks, Marti--I think the only emotion and heart I got on this particular set of photos was the complete and total annoyance with the camera. I got about eight out of WAY too many takes. It's good for me, right? Accuracy and all that? :-P

Leeann said...

Like I said before... gorgeous...
See you Thursday, dv? :)

Kelly Sauer said...

Yah - We'll see what we can do! I'll call Thurs. after the class to let you know for sure. Pete's sick this week, so we may both be too wiped for company. *wry grin*


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