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Monday, June 25, 2007

My friend Heidi tagged me with a blog meme originated by John Smulo, asking me to list five things I "dig" about Jesus. Since I didn't have a lot of energy last week, I put it off until this morning so I could take a little time to think about it.

1.) Jesus is all over the Old Testament. All of Scripture testifies of Him.

2.) Jesus became sin for me so that I could have a relationship with God.

3.) Before the foundation of the world, Jesus was already there and part of God's plan for our redemption.

4.) Jesus is my justification.

5.) There is nothing that can separate me from God's love because of Jesus--and nothing I can ever do to earn or repay that love.

I am sure I could think of more, but I went with the first five things that came to mind based on conversations that I've had with Pete over the last couple of weeks and passages that we've covered recently. It doesn't seem terribly profound at the moment, but I think simplicity is best.

I'm not going to tag anyone else, but if you're interested in using this meme, you can check out John Smulo's original post and instructions.

(Also, a brief anemia update: I've been eating foods with iron at every meal since Thursday--even came up with a cool way to cook liver--and I'm beginning to feel my energy pick up again. Please keep praying for strength. We're praying not to go into labor until I'm back up to par on my hematocrit levels. I'm still pretty tired, but functioning again and not wiping out from a simple trip up the stairs. Thanks to those of you who are praying and especially to Ash for dinner last night!)


HisDelightIsInMe said...

*grin* dinner was fun - and besides - I need to make up for tell you you're huge ;-)

Kelly Sauer said...

lol--thanks, just FEED me more, why don't you!

John Smulo said...

Thanks for participating in the meme. I enjoyed all of your responses, but your number 5 has meant an especially lot to me of late.

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