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Monday, June 18, 2007

Yeah, I know, I am bad not to have posted since that last alarmist post. This is what happens when you have a birth class, a company picnic, two doctor's appointments, and a study/edit/paint the bathroom, writer's block sort of week.

Forgive my silence. I will probably be mostly silent this week too, because I have 3 1/4 weddings to finish editing in (*crosses fingers*) two weeks.

BUT I have been working on things to say. Here is a sneak peek to posts that may come soon:

1) Sequelish - Why I tire of reading novels and watching movies...
2) Thoughts on "Settling" - And maybe an interesting vent, if we're lucky...
3) The Kindness of a Curse? - Wondering if God gave us our human limitations because it was the only way to keep us from being utterly destroyed...
4) Things I Can't Wait to Do - Imagining life after pregnancy...
5) Do I Dare? - Lynette sent me an article this morning about elimination communication. Not sure if we'd use it, but the fact that I'd consider it makes me wonder just how WEIRD I am going to be as a mom!

I'll be taking any votes for one of these ideas into account this week, so pick one!

In other news, special recognition goes to Ashley Trim, who wins the prize in becoming the first person to tell me that I am "huge." We gave her zucchini bread.

Specific prayer request: Please pray that I will go into labor on a Friday so that my dad can be here with my mom, since he's out of vacation time. It would be really special for them to be able to share it together.

Also, if anyone is interested in bringing us a non-potato/non-modified food starch dinner over the next few weeks, I have a hunch my husband would appreciate the food. I'm pretty much snacking right now because I'm out of energy to cook, which means Pete isn't getting a lot of "meals." Not necessary, but an idea that would be very much appreciated! You can email me if you're interested.


Codie Lyn said...

Yeay! Glad you are still around! And glad that you didn't have baby Weebix too early! :)

All of your musings sound good, so I'm hard pressed to pick one! I'd love to read any of them!

And I would SOOOO make you something yummy.... but I live so far away, it wouldn't make it there in any good shape.


PaperYarnGirl said...

Happy to hear you're hanging in there!

1. I'm always up for movie talk :-)

2. Hmmm... this would be interesting as well, especially as I'm looking at 19 years of marriage this fall.

3. Another insightful topic, especially when considering choosing a mate with whom to spend your whole life!

4. Heh. This makes me laugh. I've been a mom for nearly 16 years, and I still have things on my list that I haven't gotten to yet! Of course, I was bogged down with lots of service to the system, so you'll have more time than I did to get through some of things on your list. Oh, you probably mean things you haven't been able to do while pregnant. There were those things, to which I loved returning, like sleeping on my stomach again! drinking tea again! painting my own toes again!

5. I have a friend in my town who does this, if you're interested in talking to someone currently using EC in real life. We never did, as my schedule was too erratic to get that tuned into #4's schedule (the time that I heard of EC). However, if you're interested in babywearing, extended breastfeeding (or breastfeeding in general), co-sleeping, etc... we did a lot of that sort of thing, and I'm always happy to chatter away about our experiences ;-)

Some great advice: When you're curious about something, talk to people who did it successfully. You'll get far truer information and help than all the opinions from everyone who "tried it and it didn't work."

Take care of yourself. We're a good ways away, but if you need food, we can fix a few dishes and bring them down for your freezer, if you have room? Okay, so now I have ONE good reason to belong to a regular Sunday morning group... lots of good food when you have babies! :-) We'll have to take care of that one outside those four walls...

Christy said...

Thanks for posting! I want a post on "settling." That was such an interesting article and Matthew and I have already discussed it at length. :-) I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Mark and Erin said...

#5 just makes me laugh! We read a book by the Pearls that recommended it, but we opted for diapers...A decision I'm *still* glad we made!!!!

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