A Watched Pot...

Monday, July 2, 2007

...Never boils, and a watched Kelly doesn't go into labor, which means we must officially announce that we are NOT having a June baby.

But we DO have the following to show for our weekend:

*A passing grade in How to Ignore Fake Contractions 101
*A decent haircut for me by a stylist that looks like (no kidding!) Daniel Craig
*A photography website that is actually *finally* getting updated (more pictures to go up today)
*About a dozen hours of studying for Pete (I think more...)
*A few nights of good sleep
*A clean kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and study/entertainment room/nursery
*Several movies watched, with varying degrees of success. (We liked Music and Lyrics with a skipped scene, Miss Potter for not having any drama, and we hated How to Commit a Marriage. I can't even explain how weird it was. Wow.
*Another finished wedding (2 1/2 left! Think baby will wait?)
*A Sunday steak dinner with homemade bread, vegetables, and homemade apple pie
*Homemade frozen smoothies in the freezer
*A busted Yahtzee losing streak for Pete (he's started winning again!)

Amazing what can happen when you're just trying to "function normally." I'd say we had a productive weekend, which is not exactly normal for us.

Still, if our little Weebix would like to make an appearance...

(FYI, we're still 9 days early at this point. More updates to follow, I am sure.)


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