Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Interesting. This has changed since the last one I took. I am *much* more introverted than I was a year and a half ago. Can personality types change?

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Carol said...

Personality types change by the minute. I read another blogger's chart today and she prefaced it by saying this is how she is *now, right at this minute.* I can't put much stock in these questionnaires because I change all the time, and I answer differently depending on my thoughts at the moment.

M.R.H. said...

Yes, personalities change frequently. I have three (or is it four?) that take turns throughout the day :-D

- Michael (or is it Frank?)

nic said...

I had to take this test again too, just to see - and sure enough, my personality has evolved as well. I think I am enjoying being by myself more now that I have a husband and baby and really don't need much more than that. I posted my results on my myspace, but they came out that I was a strategist/intellectual. Not what I would have thought had I taken it pre-baby. =)

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