One Month

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On Tuesday, I turned one month old. This is not a big thing to me, since the passage of time is marked out for me between feedings. As long as I get fed at decent junctures, I don't care how much time is passing.

I am developing a personality. NOT that I didn't have one before. But Mom says I have some very definite ideas about things, like how I don't like to be tossed into the air, when I want to eat, and how I very much like to go to sleep on Uncle Kate. She thinks it's a chemical or something, and Mom thinks she has a "gift," whatever that means, but really, I just get bored. Uncle Kate doesn't have food, so really, she holds no interest for me.

I am also getting to a point where going to sleep is just not as fun as it was. There's so much to see and do, and they want me to waste my life looking at what is behind my eyelids! (Those are interesting, too, btw. There's all sorts of pictures and dreams that make me smile and yelp while Mom thinks I'm sleeping. That hippo from last night was a new one, though!)

Still, I am very diligent to bear up with my responsibilities. Since being cute is my job in this family, I know I am doing an admirable job when I can even reduce Dad to a puddle of mush after I have terrorized him when I am hungry and annoyed him by yelling while he is trying to watch a movie. I wonder, do I take after Mom like that? My favorite new "cute" thing is spitting my binky out when I'm supposed to be napping so Mom can come and see my cuteness again as she puts it back in. She usually kisses me and tells me she loves me, and I know that I can do no wrong.

I'm cute, and they all love me! Even the boys. We went to a party last Friday, and all the boys wanted to hold me. And I was cute for them too. Dad is beginning to worry about my future. *sigh* I don't know why. I know what I'm doing!


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