Rememberies for Piper

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear Piper, finding out that we were having you was fun.

It was October, and one day, I did a vitamin C flush in the morning, and I suddenly started feeling very sick, so I stopped it before I threw up. Then Dad and Uncle Kate and I went out, and I was feeling very weird and not very hungry, so I didn't order anything. And then I was really hungry. I ate half of Dad's food, and half of Uncle Kate's food, and I was *still* hungry!

That was weird. Dad and Uncle Kate joked about me being pregnant, but I knew better. It was too soon for me to be pregnant! Wasn't it?

Two days later, on October 31, I got up before your Dad did. He was busy contemplating the sunrise outside our window. I remember that it was pink and peach and beautiful. It was the day before my cycle was due, day 27, and I just thought, "hmm, I have this extra pregnancy test lying around. Why don't I just take it and have done with it? It will probably be negative anyway, and then it won't be lying around reminding me to freak out every month!"

Well, God sure showed me. I pulled out the test and stared at it. Wait a minute. It says, "Pregnant." Not cool. Or, very cool. Or WHAT????? God surprised ME, because we weren't even trying to get pregnant!

I took the test back into the bedroom and dropped my arm around Dad's shoulder and put the test in front of his face. I kissed his cheek and said, "Mornin', Daddy..."

Sure enough, we were pregnant, and God was already making you into the little person He wanted, our little Piper Joelle Rhiannon.


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