When Mommy Gets Bored

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My daughter, the model. I couldn't believe this shot when I loaded it onto the computer for editing. She's sitting there on the bed, just as cute as can be, and I never know quite what's going to come out on the in-between pictures. So many expressions!

Piper discovered herself in the mirror this afternoon. We stopped in the bathroom, and she was looking around and suddenly noticed the baby in the mirror. She's not so much like a kitten that her tail bushed out in fright, but I wasn't quite prepared for her actual reaction.

She studied the baby for a moment, then tried smiling.

The baby in the mirror smiled back.


She tried smiling again. The baby smiled back.

Then Piper hitched up her shoulders like she was about to get hugged, and started making cute faces at herself in the mirror, as if she knew it was her, and doesn't she just look so good?

Oh dear. I am *so* not ready for this.


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