Piper's Two-Month Factoid

Friday, September 14, 2007

I am two months old today.

I am sleeping on Mom and Dad's bed while Mom types this up for me. She just knows what I want to say here, and I trust her.

I am almost eleven pounds.

I like lots of people, and I have succeeded in shocking my parents when I smile at complete strangers who smile at me and talk baby talk in my general direction. I think Mom has decided that I am laughing at them for making fools of themselves in public. But she does it too.

I have one very long hair on the top of my head, which is funny, because I'm developing a couple of bald spots in other places.

I am the wisest person in this house. I even look like it. Especially when I need to burp. Then, concentration is *everything.* Mom and Dad don't get me, and I like this, because it gives me power.

Every time Mom and Dad kiss in front of me, I interrupt them. Uncle Kate says I'm not supposed to like mush, so I'm doing my job!

Really I don't much care that I am two months old today. Just keep feeding me, Mom, just keep feeding me.


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