For Rent: One Very Loved Cottage

Monday, October 8, 2007

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to... what the heck.

On Friday afternoon, Pete and I discovered that we are moving. The details are somewhat unnecessary here, but the basic jist is that we are going to be moving into a townhouse in Purcellville.

This means that we must needs break our current contract, an adjustment for which our landlords graciously allowed us to plan: so long as we can fill our house, we can break the contract without penalty.

So, here it is, my advertisement for a couple or two singles that we know and can recommend to our landlords to fill out the remainder of our contract.

For Rent: One very loved, two-bedroom cottage with hardwood floors and windows everywhere. There is a gas fireplace in the living room, a dining room/breakfast corner at the sunny end of the kitchen, and a fully-finished kitchen (refrigerator and stove included). The bedrooms are carpeted, and the bathroom is newly painted, with a washer/dryer unit on the hall. There is a garage for the tenant's use.

There is room here for dreaming and playing and making memories. There's nothing like seeing the snow falling outside here, or taking in the sunrise through the frost on these windows. Spring is gentle here, and there is a brook that travels beneath the private driveway. Summer is fun, with plenty of room for grilling out and having friends, and the generous use of the pool from our landlords.

The cottage is about 20 minutes from Purcellville.

I think I will post my goodbyes later, but for now, if you know us, and you are interested in renting our house, please leave me a comment with your e-mail address (will which remain unpublished since I will use "comment moderation")and I will forward you contact information for our landlords.


Gabe said...

You told me you were moving, that was fast:-p

I'm going to miss your cottage...Lots of memories.

Leeann said...

I am sad :( I love that cottage! But I'm sure you're only moving if this is what is best for you and yours. See you soon dv!

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