Parents Do Try...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last night, I was shooting an event at the New Zealand Embassy (yes, photographing shooting, not gun shooting), and I discovered that since having Piper, I have not only lost brain cells, I have lost tact.

After one picture, the distinguished, good-natured man I had photographed quickly turned, trying to adjust his profile, explaining to me that "My nose is too big for that picture." I looked at my camera to view the image. "Yes, I would say so!"

His eyes widened in very amused surprise. "You're direct!"

Gee, that was a shock...


Also last night, Pete had a conversation with his sister, Amy, whose incorrigible 5-year-old son keeps us all laughing.

Benjamin, who is enamored of Buzz Lightyear, has decided that he is now a superhero, "Ben ja Man."

When asked what his powers are, he explains, "I can fly, I can stop the thunder, and my biggest power of all is that I can stop women from talking."

I am rethinking my status as a mom. I'm not ready for this...


KSolarisL said...

OUCH! My brain is half gone already... hope it doesn't go the rest of the way post-partum!

Christy said...

LOL! At least you get funny stories out of parenting. We don't have nearly as many funny stories. :-)

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