Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Last weekend was exhausting. I learned that word last weekend. Mom used it a lot.

I went to Arizona with Mom and Dad and met lots of Dad's relatives. It wasn't apparent that I was going to claim them as *my* relatives, though. You see, I keep my cards close to my chest, and myself close to Mom. Very close to Mom. Nobody can hold me but Mom. Especially when I'm trying to decide if I like people.

Mostly, I didn't. But I don't think they could tell...

I did spend some sleep time with my Great-Grandma Buck. She liked me. I had to show her I actually liked her too, because she was awfully nice, even though I told her and told her to give me back to Mom.

I think Mom was worried about me while we were in Arizona. One time, after I ate, she held me and we talked for a long time about how she loves me just the way I am, even if I fuss a lot and need her a lot. She told me to always be me, and that she'd love me, even if I wasn't perfect. I don't understand it all yet, but I think I'll need that for someday.

But anyway, now we're home. No more airplanes or throwing up in airports. And strangely enough, Mom is making me spend some time by myself. She didn't mind holding me for four days while we were traveling!


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