4 Months... and Counting

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Piper's parents have decided that it is time we post an official brag post about our little Miss Piper.

Today, she is four months old.

In the last four months, we have heard one thing over and over:

"How alert she is! I've never seen a baby her age so alert!"

Yes, our Pip has been alert pretty much since she came into the world. She is constantly taking things in and aware of the world around her. She takes short naps and protests horribly when she feels herself falling asleep.

She actually likes to watch television, and it hasn't taken us long to switch from adult movies to "Leave it To Beaver" and "Peter Pan."

She knows who Mom is, who Dad is, and how to get around Uncle Kate.

For about two months, we have seen actual, furious anger in her eyes over things she doesn't want to do. When that hits, we kind of stand and look at her in shock. She's too little to be so eloquently mad!

But she is not just alert. She likes to stand. She likes to giggle. She plays games with both of us. We have seen mischief in her eyes. She already wants to sit up on her own. She still hates her tummy time with a passion. She is beginning to teethe. Her legs are so long that she is beginning to fit 9-month clothing.

And she likes to talk. Talk and talk and talk.

We decided this week that "Yeah" is her first word. We're not sure we should count it if she doesn't know what she means, but she *definitely* says it. I have also heard her say, "Hi" and "Hey" when Pete or I have greeted her with "Hi" or "Hey."

On Saturday while we were out shopping, Pete arranged a marriage for her in 19 years with a six-month-old whose grandfather thought she was the most beautiful baby he'd ever seen.

Piper looks like Mom's baby pictures when she opens her mouth and grins, and like Dad when she's falling asleep.

We love the little person she is becoming, and we're staring in absolute wonder as she grows. We're vaguely aware that she appears to be ahead for her age. We are prodigiously proud. But we also remember that she is just our Piper. Daddy's Pip. Mama's Little Bug.

And very much her own person. That's really cool.


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