Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Or not.

So, Congress just approved a bill that will outlaw the manufacture of incandescent light bulbs in four years. Because they give off heat. Because the United States is responsible for SO MUCH of hole in the ozone layer.

Because they just KNEW it would tweak me.

Well, probably not.

But I'm tweaked.

And I'm driving my car with its "check engine" light on. Even though the manual specifically warns me that I shouldn't drive with that light on. Since I am probably giving off harmful emissions.

Oh bummer.

Take that.


Chad, Joanna and Emmie said...

Did they ever consider that flourescent bulbs give people with light sensitivity huge headaches? That maybe people buy incandescent bulbs because the light is much softer? Now I'm mad too.

Tricia said...

That is infuriating, especially considering the bills Congress ISN'T approving.

M.R.H. said...

Maybe someone should read Congress the hazard warnings on the backs of flourescent light bulbs. Something about mercury poisoning if they are broken.

Personally, I like flourescent lightbulbs because they cut down on our electric bills -- but they should only be used in places where they can't be easily broken and create a HAZMAT situation for young children :-P

Ceiling light fixture: Yes
Lamps that can be pulled off table: No

HisDelightIsInMe said...

I find it interesting that everyone complains about their freedoms being taken away by airport security, but when the government makes a law that affects your consumer choices in your own home, suddenly it is worth the invasion of privacy.

Leeann said...

Ladies and gents, welcome to democracy... the vast majority of Americans support anything that sounds like it might help the environment until it hits their pocketbook. Congress is doing "the will of the people..." until their will changes in a few years. It can't come too soon.

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