A Few Short Posts and An Adventure

Monday, February 4, 2008

*Short Post I - Uncle Kate is my very favorite person. She does all the stuff for me that Mom won't do. I love to talk to her and hang off of her all the time she will take with me. We're best buddies. She saves me a lot.

*Short Post II - Mom = Food. That stuff in the jars is nasty.

*Short Post III - Last Tuesday, I got my first tooth. I want more.

*Short Post IV - Last week, I learned to scooch-crawl. I can get where I want to get when really want to get there. All by myself. But shhhh.... Don't tell Mom and Dad. Sometimes I need them to baby me. They have to remember to include me in their lives!

My Adventure:

On Friday afternoon, Mom and I were in the kitchen, innocently working away on dinner while Dad was in the basement trying to study his brains out. (I want him to keep them in, though. If they were out, that would just be nasty.) All of a sudden, Mom heard Dad yelling at her and she ran out of the kitchen and left me all alone!

This was not cool, and I yelled after her to make sure she knew it. She didn't come back right away. This was also not cool, so I yelled again, and she and Dad came running up the stairs and got me out of my chair. Then I stuck with Mom while Dad ran all over the place doing stuff.

We went back down to the basement where we saw water coming up the drain and soaking the carpet and everything. This was *really* not cool. Mom kept saying, "this can't happen!" and Dad kept trying to clean it up. I started getting scared, and when this big green tree monster came out of the closet where the drain was, I yelled for help!

Then one plumber came and ignored me. It got dark outside, and the plumber left. Mom and I called Nana to ask her to pray. We called Grandmum and Grandpa Sauer and left them a message.

And then the fire department came! There was a big truck with a loudspeaker outside our door, shining bright lights into our house. The firemen were nicer than the plumber who ignored me. They came in the house and rushed downstairs, then came out of the house and told Mom and Dad that the sewer was backed up and coming into our basement. This was not cool, either. Uncle Kate lost her house!

But it's cool that she's living with us now! And it was cool to stay up very late! And to sleep in a hotel on Friday night! Mom and Dad think it was cool that it was the town's fault for having a clogged sewer, because we don't have to pay for our basement to get fixed.

I think this was my first big adventure! (Which is cool. But the tree monster was still not cool.)

"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
(1 Thess. 5:18)


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