As If I Didn't Have Enough to Live Up To

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I love this blog. I love how Anna shares beauty. It brightens my day to read this blog.


The other day, she posted this.

So much for my jeans habit.

*Resigns self to non-vintage frumpy*

Huh. Can't work up the guilt.


Heidi said...

Uhhhh, that post was just weird. Dresses and skirts? While cleaning? I thought she posted it as a joke until all the comments were saying "oh this is so true."

I guess I'll settle for looking like a mechanic, too.... ;)

Kelly Sauer said...

Yes, didn't you ever watch "Leave It To Beaver"?

Tricia said...

I guess the blog world is small. I "know" Anna from a sewing forum (though I never sew). She's an amazing seamstress. If it makes you feel better, I'm pretty sure she wears skirts/dresses usually, so it's not a "oh boy, I'm gonna look gorgeous while cleaning toilets today!" sort of deal.

Kelly Sauer said...

tricia - One of the reasons I love Anna's blog is the beauty she brings through the way she lives. I wasn't criticizing her way of life - just noting that I couldn't pull it off myself. It's funny, b/c someone else I know sent out the same sort of thing on the same day I posted this! Let me say that I appreciate the sentiment and wish I could live like Anna, but I'm me, and MY current fashion statement is jeans. I'm just not going to die over measuring up. So I laugh! :-P

Heidi said...

Well, I myself prefer jeans. It's not that I'm not going to kill myself over measuring up, because (to me) that implies that wearing dresses every day/around the house/to clean is something to measure up TO - even saying that implies that dresses are inherently better, or more beautiful, or whatever. As much as I love dresses, they have their place, and the women I know personally who were dresses all the time don't really wear beautiful dresses, because the beautiful ones aren't practical. I think jeans and a cute top is infinitely more attractive! ;)

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