Mommy - Or Else!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lately, Piper has taken to demanding absolute time from me. "Absolute time" means that I am all hers, all the time. Outside of naps, I get no space. Still, this has resulted in some great steps forward for her - she has found something she wants enough to fight for.

Yesterday, she was playing in her crib while I attempted to complete my daily editing allotment of ten photos (this is NOT going well), and I heard her general "Mommy left me alone" cry change a bit. When I got up to check, there she was, standing up in her crib, holding onto the edge for dear life. Thank God we lowered the crib last week.

On Sunday, Pete and I were kissing on the floor near Piper while she was playing. For a moment she watched us, and then she decided she needed to get in on the action. The next thing we knew, she had crossed the floor to where we were, climbed over Pete, and pushed herself between us to get to my face, where she started determinedly chewing on my chin. Oh the things we can NOT do in front of her...


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