San Francisco - Leap Day 2008

Monday, March 3, 2008

Last week, the Virgina Sauers went to California.

This trip was ostensibly for the Bar exam, but we added a fun day on our "extra" day there. We decided to visit San Francisco for Piper's first vacation.

After leaving Sacramento, where we had been staying with our friends Dan and Angel, we drove west on I-80 to the city by way of IHOP and the Golden Gate Bridge.

We missed a turn that we had wanted, but it landed us on a street that Pete had wanted me to see, so it was okay.

We finally got to our hotel.

Piper got her first bag of kids' stuff, gave the desk clerk ideas of having another baby, and generally loved the soft featherbed in our room. But she was not to sleep for quite a while. We had a city to tour!

Even though Dad stopped for directions,

We got lost.

So we played a little with the camera.

Piper really didn't like her new stroller, but the adventure suited her, I think.

We decided to explore Chinatown and Little Italy on our way to Ghirardelli Square. On our way through Chinatown, we discovered a new identity

And a new career for Pete in advertising...

At the Square, we stopped first for a family picture,

And then for dessert, hot chocolate that was so rich it clogged my throat.

Piper really wanted chocolate,

But she settled for rubber.

You may notice that she ditched her bonnet. We didn't. We had to go back for it.

After dessert, it was REALLY time for dinner. I was so hungry, we picked the nearest restaurant, which happened to be a seafood restaurant. Pete was kind to allow this departure from our normal absolutely-no-fish diet, but Piper wasn't so sure...

While I was eating, Piper got tired.

But it was a long way back to our hotel. We waited in a rather cold line for an old trolley car and listened to a guy sing for tips. That was interesting. It was nicer than the ones that hold up signs to say that they are having hard times.

Piper fell asleep in Starbucks when we stopped for a latté, and then we were back at the Omni. That evening, Pete and I watched Enchanted, a movie I'd wanted to see for months but hadn't been able to make it out to see when it was in theaters.

I enjoyed our time in California, but home is nice too. Piper slept through the night last night for the first time in months, and she is much more content to play by herself here at home where she knows her territory.

And so it is Monday morning, and we're back to our grind - with a lot of fun memories.


Gabe said...

I'm sorry I missed you guys in NorCal...but glad you had a good time.

Welcome back to the East Coast;-)

Christy said...

What fun! I love the pictures! :-)

Christmas said...

I love San Francisco. I was there last summer for only a week...and there are times when I miss it like it was a home of mine. It's sad that you only got a day there!

Kelly Sauer said...

One day was just perfect for us, though - with a baby, it gets tired!

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