What Piper Can't Have

Thursday, March 27, 2008

She goes for anyway.

Example: We hide her puzzle under the couch so she feels like she is doing something she's not supposed to do by going and getting it out.

Her most recent thing is going for the stereo under the entertainment center. There is a tantalizing volume dial on the front that she absolutely must access. The problem is, she turns the volume up so high we're afraid she'll damage her ears.

So she is learning the word "no." Except, she isn't. When we say "no," she simply moves faster to get to what she wants. But she's getting more subtle in her attempts to avoid that "no."

Last night, she we watched her toss one of her toys in the direction of the stereo and start her now-familiar trek across the floor. (The reverse of this trek leaves the cutest little finger trails in the carpet...)

Pete asked her knowingly, "Now, Piper, you are going for the panda bear, right?"

She turned her stereo-focused attention at the sound of her name, looked directly at Pete, and let out a, "HAH!"

Dad, you have no idea what you're talking about...


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