Why Do You Comment?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So I've been wondering recently what it is that causes people to comment. I don't have any studies or percentages to throw around to make this post really interesting, but here are a couple of questions I'd love to have answered.

1. In what mood are you most likely to leave a comment on a blog?

2. What kind of comments do you hope for on your blog?

3. When you comment, do you want a response from the blog owner to your comment?

4. What kind of post is most likely to draw a comment from you?

Just curious.


Christy said...

Sometimes I think I'm very shallow when it comes to blog posting. Here are my thoughts:

1.) When I'm not in an over-analyzing mood. :-P

2.) It depends...usually I don't care either way.

3.) I like comments on which pictures people like best. :-)

4.) I am most likely to post when something is cute or funny. I really appreciate serious and thought provoking posts, but afterwards, I feel like I might say the wrong thing if I leave a comment, so I'm usually too scared to comment.

M.R.H. said...

I never post comments... whoops, you spoiled my trend ;-)

Seriously though, I usually post comments in response to news of major life events (births, deaths, weddings, etc.) and the occasional birthday :) Otherwise, it is nice reading what people are up to, but rarely have time to comment(a good thing too, especially since my comments are mostly shallow anyway)

Ron said...

1. I'm most likely to comment when something inspires me and I want to be appreciative to the writer. I am often tempted to comment when I'm angry but I always delete those comments after I write them.

2. I don't write for anyone but to work out the things God hints at to me. I like comments but I don't usually respond to them.

3. Depends upon the nature of the comment I left.

4. see #1

PaperYarnGirl said...

1. When I have time to put two thoughts together and write them down. I read thoughtful posts and find myself agreeing and having responses, but often just don't have time to put it on the screen.

2. I love to know that someone - anyone - is reading what I took the time to write. I enjoy receiving comments, and don't hope for too many. I don't think I'm that interesting to read.

3. Not necessarily. Usually not, unless it's something that is asking for a response.

4. Hmmm... one for which I can type a quick answer and not appear too dumb or shallow. And apparently, one that asks for me to respond ;-)

the Joneses said...

I comment:

* When I have time. Lately my blogging has been read-and-run.

* When I have something to say, especially if I very much agree or disagree.

* And sometimes just to let the person know that her blog is being read and appreciated.

* Because I absolutely thrive on comments.

-- SJ

Tricia said...

1. When I'm in a serious, thinking mood. I am in this mood, occasionally... ;)

3. Not necessarily. Sometimes I ask questions on people's blogs, and then I like to hear their answer.

4. Something that reminds me of what I've been thinking about myself. Something I can relate to, or a post that stimulates me/makes me consider an issue in a different light. Like your singing/political post. I love singing, and at this point, I'm interested in politics, so I was really interested to read about it. I was just about to comment on that, when I saw this post.

Also, if the reader asks a question specifically to the readers (similar to what you did in this post), I'm more likely to comment.

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