Clarification from the Wiped-Out Photographer

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Many of you read/commented on my recent rant about wedding photography. I want to clarify that I was NOT directing that post at any of my former clients or friends who have received photography from me. I am not angry with anyone for whom I have shot, or upset at anyone who has contacted me. I think I came off a little too strong.

I simply meant to note in my post that I am not typical of photographers in that I do work within budgets (if you've used me, you know this), and I take the photos because I love to take them - not because I can charge so much for them. I have always operated my "business" at a loss because of the sheer joy I receive from being able to take pictures.

But my daughter is going through a stage where she wants me in her sight all the time. I am so tired right now that I don't even want to take pictures anymore because I know that I cannot process them. Financially, we simply don't have a way to pay for anyone else to process them, either.

The situation for me right now is such that as much as I want to work with people, my time is worth too much to Piper for me to continue taking photography projects that will take me away from her. If I can't charge enough to pay someone to process my work, then I can't take the project.

My post was directed at people in general who go looking for a wedding photographer. If you know me, or if you read my blog, and you are looking for a wedding photographer, just please remember the other side, and don't judge a photographer for having prices that look high. I know that learning why they charged what they charge really made a difference for me.


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