Give Me Patience...

Friday, April 4, 2008

... And I want it right now!

This article really spoke to me where I am in all of this in-between.

I am not good at living in this moment. There is too much that I need for tomorrow to really enjoy Him today.

Hmm. This brings another interesting thought about God's will. If being a Christian is about fulfilling a big life plan, why aren't we told to worry about tomorrow?

His will is that we know and enjoy Him today. Maybe the Plan was never the point?

If it was, we humans would never see Him for trying to figure out the Plan. Funny how we're so hung up on *knowing* what He's doing in us and in our world that we don't even consider that He made us for Himself.


Christy said...

I've been thinking about this topic lately as well. I was telling Michelle the other day that I forget that although Heaven is our eternal destination, our earthly life is a journey, not a destination.

A song (of course a song, and of course by Ginny Owens) called "Waiting for Tomorrow" really captures this well for me: "My trouble / My trouble with tomorrow / Is that I always try to borrow / Its worries and its time / But when I spend my life anticipating / Today slips away while I'm waiting // I belong here, / In this moment in this day / No some other place..."

Leeann said...

Thank you for sharing that beautiful article and your own thoughts. I like to think myself cognizant of the journey, taking time to appreciate special moments with family and friends, but the more life changes and people move away, get married, have families, are removed from my existence, I have been convicted of the fact that I can so easily take the day-in-day-out blessings of the people in my life for granted. Even moreso, I take for granted the gentle, patient teachings of our Father in Heaven, trying to crowd them out with my busyness and preoccupation as if I could somehow accomplish His will in my life for Him. My post-college philosophy has been “just be,” but oh, how I struggle to live by it!

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