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Monday, April 21, 2008

So I haven't really been ignoring my blog for the last week. I try not to think about the fact that my last comment showing is a rather dumb statement from myself, but my mind has been spinning with far too many ideas to write down and treat fully, even though I have been very busy.

Take the weather yesterday morning, for instance. It was a mostly-perfect morning with the sound of the rain outside my window accompanied by the gentle rolling of springtime thunder - the kind that makes you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a book in front of a fireplace somewhere.

I've mentally composed several complaint posts about Piper's nap habits (or lack thereof). She is asleep on my chest as I type.

I'm sure I was going to post a recipe for something I can't remember now, and I've been thinking about what might be shallow and interesting to post, just so I can keep my posting numbers up this month. It's a semi-goal for me to get one for each day of the month (even if I do post five on some days!).

I've had deeper questions and issues rise and beg discussion:

Does 'fellowship' = 'accountability'?

Is it ever okay to keep my own counsel and not pour my heart out to someone who offers an open place, or am I rejecting God in them if I don't?

Would God call someone out of church to heal them?

How are my friendships affected by my personality?

What in the world would possess someone to pursue a career in oral surgery (which is just a technical-sounding name for sticking tools into somebody's mouth/gums/teeth, etc. and using brute strength to remove... teeth...)?

Yes, there really should be a post about the best way to have a wisdom tooth removed. Something explaining about letting the dumb thing attempt to grow through your cheek before removal and how this method makes the post-removal pain non-existent.

I know there has to be a grammar vent somewhere in here. Oh yes, the inappropriate use of the apostrophe for pluralizing possessive pronouns and any other word that ends in "s". OHHHH... THAT one is a REAL rant, SJ.

Mostly, I think life caught up with me last week. It was randomly fun to live it.


J said...

Arrrgh, posting a problem or question. Must fix. Must fix. Must fix. It's in the genes.

1) Fellowship > accountability. A deep fellowship will usually include accountability, but A isn't necessarily a prerequisite for F.

2) Absolutely, and no you aren't.

3) Sure. church != Church

4) Answering would involve talking about *shudder* feelings, and require something other than offering quick, pat answers. What do you want? I'm a guy!

5) Good money.

6) Sounds like a useful post to all who might be in that situation. I take it you have personal wisdom to impart?

7) I hope you and yours' have a great week!


(sorry, that last one was a stretch. originality isn't my forte)

Kelly Sauer said...

Ahem, J -

Per my husband's suggestion, perhaps my next post should be a one-liner:

"In which I consider rhetorical questions..."

1) No answers necessary.

J said...

Doesn't matter - it's in the genes. C has to tape my mouth shut to make me just sit there and listen without trying to solve stuff! :^)

I'll try to restrain myself. I'm guessing an aneurysm is the most likely result.

Jessica said...

I don't have much wisdom on the other issues you mentioned (nor the time to respond to them), but I must say... I *completely* concur with the punctuation vent. That drives me INSANE. (Just because a word uses an "s" on the end, everyone thinks it needs an apostrophe.) *sigh* Sometimes I wish I weren't quite so conscious of those things. But I think after six years of Dr. Hake (yes, 6), it got pretty ingrained into my system. :-p

If you get the chance to write about any of these topics, they all sound interesting. However, I cannot imagine trying to post once for every day of the month with a 9-month-old! I think I'm doing well if I post once a week. :-p

Tricia said...

Kelly, these are really good questions! The church question in particular has kept me thinking for a while now (always a good thing ;). I'd be very curious to hear what *you've* been thinking on the subject, because you always make me ponder issues in a new/better light. Here's my thought: Church is a place to worship God, so why would God take us away from worshiping Him in order to be healed?

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