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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I am learning to let go of a lot for sanity's sake.

I still have photo processing to do, but it's next to impossible to do it while we're preparing to move. And while Piper wants to sit on my lap and help me by banging on the keyboard.

I also have packing to do - but Piper gets into everything.

My breaks come when we put in Baby Einstein, and I get about 20 minutes respite to try and figure out dinner.

I never thought that my children would be so active. I don't know what I thought. I had friends who had kids, and they were able to keep working and doing normal-type things, but Piper demands so much of my time and attention. She's a people person, and her language is quality time.

Right now, I'm just trying to take life with Piper a moment at a time, holding the good moments in my heart, and letting the bad moments go so I can enjoy the good moments.

I'm also pricing out what it would take to hire someone to do my photo processing. If you or someone you know would be interested in helping me out, please drop me an email letting me know what you'd be willing to do and how much you would charge.


S. Mehrens said...

It may be too "late" or you may not like the idea, but in case it is of any help...

My sister's l ittle girl was very active and to get some down time in order to clean or whatever she needed to do - she started with pack-n-play time. It's really better to do it before your child is on the move, lest they feel caged, but it can be done even after they are, especially if they're in the room with you. Put some toys in the pack-n-play and let them play. Start off with 5 min and work up to 20 min. Like I said, might not work for Piper since she's already on the move or maybe you've tried it. Just thought I'd mention in case it helped.

Kelly Sauer said...

Oh, I've tried it. I've tried the pack-n-play, the exersaucer, the roam and play by yourself, the napping, the sitting her on my lap... Every time I turn my back on her, she thinks I'm abandoning her. She can scream a lot longer than I can listen. So for my sanity's sake, I play with her and let what I need to do go.

KSolarisL said...

Maybe you should get a really good back-supporting backpack carrier. Chip really likes being in one, and it keeps your hands free. I really just try to get Chip to play hard until he's exhausted, and then he'll nap for a long time.

Just a thought.

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