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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For the first time in my adult life, I do not have a set dress code. I don't need to spend money on Ann Taylor dress clothes (or cheaper imitations) for an office job anymore.

So what does a newish stay-at-home mom who never really considered being a stay-at-home mom wear when she stays at home? I'm not really into frumpy, and my shape has changed (thank you, Piper) so that most of my pre-pregnancy casual clothing no longer fits. I think I would like to be fashionable, even if I'm not seeing anyone. It's just nice to feel like a woman, nice to feel pretty and clean and feminine.

So, does anyone have any thoughts for me about looking good while staying at home? What's in? What's out? Is make-up-less an okay look? How do YOU go about looking good at home?

(P.S. I am looking for an Arbonne consultant upon whom to blow - er, bestow - my money. Can anyone help?)


Angel said...

Well, I am neither stay-at-home nor a mom, but I do think it's important to look presentable while at home, even if all you're doing on say, a Saturday, is scrubbing toilets and mopping floors. It helps me have a better attitude about myself (especially since the constant confrontation of a mirror during bathroom cleaning can be quite depressing/distracting).

One of the current fashion trends I am loving right now is knit or jersey fabric summer dresses. They are as comfy as a T-shirt but look nice enough to wear out to a party. For church, I throw on a cute pair of heels or sandals with them; the rest of the time I just wear flip flops. I've picked up four of them this spring ranging from $15 to $40 (H&M, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft) and that's pretty much wear the only thing I wear on the weekends. I'm not afraid to do housework in them because they just pop straight into the wash with all the other clothes and they weren't expensive.

The same thing goes for knit fabric skirts. I found one last year at a thrift store for $3.50 and wore it so much the waistband elastic unraveled from its casing. :) So this year I got another cheap one from Ann Taylor Loft and I have been wearing it a lot.

These make me feel so much prettier and more feminine than the standard shorts or capris with a T-shirt.

Anyway, sorry that was so long-winded. That's what you get for asking about clothes shopping! ;) Hahaha!

the Joneses said...

So I wonder, why am I commenting on this post? Because what I do is wear the same outfit all week. It's pretty much my uniform. I'll change if it gets dirty, but otherwise I wear sloppies at home. That's partly in self-defense: if I wear nice clothes, I'll mess them up.

That said, I do wear clothes that fit well and look reasonably presentable. No oversize t-shirts and sweats. I always make sure my hair looks nice, too. I occasionally have ambitions to freshen up before Darren gets home, but I'm usually cooking. He doesn't seem to mind the trade-off.

I suppose my advice would be, wear comfortable clothes, probably excessively casual clothes, but still focus on one thing that makes you feel pretty. My hair is mine.

-- SJ

Undeserving said...

Ah, fashion. I've been wondering about that lately myself. I have no idea what is truly "in", but I do like to look nice each day in case visitors swing by or I need to run out to the store. I don't like feeling like a Mom by the clothes that I wear. And I'm definitely not the jean-jumper type (not to offend anyone who is). I've found that I still like my Ann Taylor clothes, but mostly the cheap ones off the clearance rack. Everyday skirts are my favorite because they are casual but nice all at once. On cleaning days, though, anything goes. I'm certainly Mrs. Frumpy on those days... but who really cares? :-)

As for Arbonne, Rachel H. sells it as a side business. She'd be happy to work with you.

We still need to get together... story of my life. ;-)

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