Feeding Piper

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Can sometimes be extremely interesting. For the last two weeks, she has flatly refused to accept any food I offer her on a spoon. This is disconcerting, especially since her pediatrician is concerned that she dropped from the 30th percentile into the 3rd percentile on her weight gain. I'm counting calories - UP.

This is one method we have tried that has shown promise. Would you believe that there is oatmeal in that popsicle?

I think she knows...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, she knows it's cold.

~Me said...

It's amazing what we'll try to get food in skinny babies! Good luck!

Jessica said...

I've had the same problem with Lucy lately. Once I let her hand-feed her meals to herself, she wouldn't take it any other way. (She hits the spoon or spits out whatever I manage to get in her mouth.) Fortunately, she actually eats MORE now that she's feeding herself. I'm just having trouble finding things for her to eat. :-p As long as it's something she can chew, though, I usually just give her a little of whatever we're eating.

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