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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am looking for some new and interesting blogs to read. Do you have a favorite that you'd be willing to share? Please post a link in a comment for me!


J said...

Depends on what you're looking for - funny, introspective, lots of debate. Jesus Shaped is a 'new' blog, but it's by the guy from internetmonk.com which has been going on for 4 years or so. He wanted to change the focus of the way and what he blogged about. Gene Veith is the provost at PHC and writes a variety of general interest posts.


Heidi said...

I've linked to this so many times on my blog that you might already read it, but it's definitely at the top of my list to recommend:

Windblown Hope - http://windblownhope.wordpress.com/

This is a neat one from a lady who just writes about what it means to walk with God. There's a lot of struggle about preconceived notions of who God is, and learning to let those go:

This Stream - http://thisstream.blogspot.com/

Another all-time favorite from a pastor struggling through what it means to be a community. Neat guy, artist, a little depressed sometimes, but really deep and one of the most authentic reads in the blogosphere:

Naked Pastor - http://nakedpastor.com/

A blog about family, God, church, and faith - deep while at the same time freakin' hilarious!

Letters from Kamp Krusty -

From Barb, I think I've told you about her. Her blog speaks for itself:

A Former Leader's Journey - http://retrofited.blogspot.com/

You didn't think I could suggest just one, did you? ;) Anyway, I thought if I suggested several there'd be a greater chance that you'd actually really like one of them. ;)

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