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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I spent most of yesterday morning figuring out that Wordpress was not the solution to my template issues (in case you hadn't noticed the recurring template changes, I am reporting here that there were issues). Yesterday afternoon, I figured out that there were no easy cut & copy Blogger templates out there to give me a quick fix.

So I spent last evening after dinner working on the skin you see here. I picked out my favorite Wordpress templates, figured out the code for the tabs (it is evidently a navigation code), got rid of the Navbar, and worked up a new header. The layout I now have looks quite professional and it makes for some awesome customization options that I've been trying to figure out for years!

I am probably going to be revamping a bit more over the next few days (as I have time between edits), including a possible name change and a new web address, so check back if you're interested.

Suggestions and comments would be welcome!


Christy said...

I like it! And once again I'm amazed at your patience and persistence in figuring out those complicated codes. :-)

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