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Monday, July 28, 2008

(Immediate Disclaimer for ahem, gullible *wink*, friends who read my blog: No, we're still not pregnant again.)

I speak of our kittens, Mia and Puddles.

Cute, loving, and not nearly as independent as cats are reputed to be. Go figure.

About a month ago, we moved the cat food inside at night and rigged up a block method for the neighborhood raccoon. Before we started doing this, we lost two screens, a bag of kitten food, and quite a bit of sleep.

Now, we just lose sleep in the morning, when Mia begins yowling at the door around the time Piper wakes up. No sleeping in allowed at our house!

In the first week we got the kittens, Mia managed to get herself slammed in the screen door. Her favorite spot now is right under the door so she will be perfectly positioned for us to step on her as we walk out.

Puddles managed the kittens' eviction from their part-time indoor cat privileges when she chose the couch as her watering spot every time she came inside.

On Saturday, we rushed Mia to the doctor after finding her limping terribly the night before. It was only an abscess, we were told. We paid through the nose for the check-up and the antibiotic. They told us to come back, of course, to get their shots.

This morning, I decided on a blog post when Pete went out to feed them when Mia started up her morning racket. Puddles was nowhere to be seen, but she was definitely determined to be heard. Finally, we located her about 25 feet off the ground in a nearby tree, maiowing helplessly for Pete to get her out of the tree.

Yeah, right.

If it had Piper, we might *think* about getting a ladder.

But then, what would Piper have been doing in a tree?

Oh dear. I shouldn't ask, should I?


Christy said...

Lol...thanks for the immediate disclaimer. I admit I am one of the more guillible friends. :-P

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