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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There are a few things that my one-year-old does not get. These are a few things that I expect her to get. Things that I feel that she should really know and respect. I go along assuming she knows these things.

You know, obvious things like

*space. (That thing that keeps mommies and daddies and regular people sane.)
*hair-pulling causes pain. (But she doesn't have any hair to speak of, so how would she know?)
*coming/answering when one is called. (Duh, you hear your name, you respond!)
*food is for eating - paper is not. (Are we so seriously offending her taste buds?)
*not typing when Mommy is typing. (ALKJ3213853..0015639890*ldfjlk... AHEM.)
*nighttime is for sleeping. (Okay, so since she was born, Daddy has been up at every ungodly hour there is studying his brains out. Now he's just walking the floor.)
*sound barriers. (How not to break them when you want out of your high chair.)
*patience. (Gee, Mom, when was the last time you did something the instant I asked? Oh wait, darling Piper - you asked?)
*meals are also for Mommy and Daddy to eat. (Our Piper is of the eat-yell-and-run variety. A true native of northern Virginia.)
*legs and feet. (For your own transportation.)
*arms. (For hugging, not holding constantly.)

Every day, I learn to offer a little more grace. Sure, there are things I would feel better about if she'd just understand, but she won't be a baby forever.

And for all the concepts she doesn't get, the things she does get keep us alive.

*"Daddy's home!"
*Uncle Kate
*wrestling with Daddy on the bed
*cuddling with Mama at night
*people. (Hello, world! I'm Piper!)


kerynne said...

To break the sound barrier means to GO FASTER THAN the SPEED of sound!


Pet peeve.

Have a nice day.


Kelly Sauer said...

Sometimes, my dear sister, literary license is given for the common understanding of a misused word.

Do forgive the technical "blunder."

dancebythelight said...

Whatever the definition of sound barrier, I understand what you're sayin'. My boys scream to get down too. :)

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