Divine Imagination

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I wish I had come up with this on my own, but this post just blew my mind.

A teacher of mine recently pointed out that "fear is the misuse of God's gift of imagination." Perhaps even the Biblical mandate to fear God is an encouragement to renew this part of our mind that may be overcome by fear of evil.

I love that God speaks in stories, that He encourages our imaginations. Madeleine L'Engle's Walking on Water really challenged my thinking about finding Him and sharing Him through art.

But the connection that Lindsay makes in her post between fear and imagination is so neat - and it's so encouraging to consider! (I suppose I shall have to explain that statement at some point, but I'm kinda fried today and things aren't coming through very clear.)

I'm really looking forward to seeing what else she has to share!


Lindsay Christine said...

Kelly, I think you are right that when Jesus commanded us not to worry, he also gave us a very vivid image to consider, the lilies of the field. He knew that the command probably wouldn't stick on it's own. However, a vivid image in the form of something desirable to our soul would have a life altering effect. I enjoy your blog!

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