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Friday, July 11, 2008

…Today a young man, his heart bursting with hope, will walk out of a jewelry store carrying a diamond engagement ring. A car salesman will shake hands on a deal he might have needed to make his mortgage payment. A woman will be told her cancer has spread. Billions of dollars will flow through banks and brokerage houses.

Someone will hear a Beethoven sonata for the first time, or a Puccini aria, and marvel at the passion and beauty preserved in notes penned by a composer long deceased. A car will hit a slick spot on the road, spin out of control, and smash into a tree, and the paramedics won’t arrive in time. A young couple will buy their first house. A lifelong dream will quietly wither. Another will be fulfilled.

All on another routine, ordinary day.

~A. Barton Hinkle, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Tuesday, January 9, 2000

I got this from my grandmother's newspaper eight years ago. She hasn't been a part of our ordinary days for three years now. Of all the lessons she taught me, this sums up the one I value the most. Life isn't perfect all the time, but it is worth living.


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