May I Just Point Out...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

That Congress voted for the war in Iraq.

All the whining about Republicans (or Bush) feeding the public misinformation is pretty much a word I won't use on here. I think it is about time that our nation's leaders take responsibility for their own actions, stop passing the buck, and begin acting like mature adults instead of petulant power-grabbers in a popularity contest.

I'm sick of the crap about the war in Iraq. There are real people there, and they're fighting a real enemy, and I am glad they are there so that I don't have to face that enemy here - yet.

This war is turning out to be another Vietnam - a war we have to win but probably won't because we're letting the politicians fight it.

Good grief, America. Grow up. Ur doin' it wrong.


KSolarisL said...

"Petulant power-grabbers in a popularity contest." Wow. Very well put.

Amen to that!

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