Piper is One Year Old

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We had something of a party for Piper last weekend at my parents' house, and it has taken me longer than I wanted to get her photos together. They are, however, uploaded in Piper's album. Please enjoy!

Over the last week, Piper has been moving toward sleeping through the night consistently. We're keeping our fingers crossed. I can hardly believe that we've actually settled into enough of a schedule in the last two weeks (does that tell you how crazy things have been for us over the last year?) that she can begin to settle.

Piper is now standing on her own, too. We bought her a baby stroller for her birthday, and my mom gave her a nice, weighty doll to balance it out. She now walks around the living room, pushing the stroller. We expect that she will walk this week.

She has made 18 lbs, and appears to be gaining, which makes us happy. She should perform well for the pediatrician at her one-year check-up.

She continues to add little words to her vocabulary. She's such a talker, humming under her breath as she crawls, chattering while she plays (yes, she actually plays by herself occasionally now!), yelling when she's not happy.

We're having a hard time believing that she was so tiny just a year ago, that she's going to be a little girl tomorrow.


Alethea Jordan said...

You got much better pictures than I did. Then again, you have the expertise and a much better camera. They are wonderful shots. It's hard to believe she will be walking soon.

Gabe said...

I'm a horrible adopted uncle...I forgot her birthday!

Happy birthday a tad late, Piper!

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