The sun is filtering through the leaves.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The breeze is blowing softly outside my open window, rustling in the treetops to let me know it is there. The air is cool for the first time in years. At least, that is what I feel today. As if there is rest today from what life seems to be.

Today, I don't notice the three awful zits on my face from an annoying breakout - a throwback to puberty, I think. Today I am beautiful. My thoughts are inspired and eloquent. (This is due, I know, to the English accent bouncing around my brain from my viewing of Miss Austen Regrets over breakfast this morning.) Today, I don't notice the sinus drainage and sore throat that Piper so sweetly shared with me.

Today the world is lovely, and I cannot help being swept away in it.


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