Our New House

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

...However temporary.

Two bedrooms that we have not seen,
One bathroom,
One cute front porch,
And one very large window that makes me happy.

Boy, I hope we can fit our stuff in there...


Christy said...

Cuuuute!! I love it. And it has a nice yard, you forgot the yard. :-)

Amy K said...

It looks like a cute home for a family of three. I totally understand the "dark house" = depression thing because I feel that I have lived it for the past two years. We've been in a very small, old duplex with small windows and shade trees covering most of the windows. Hopefully that big, sunny window will be just what you need!

Gabe said...

Another thing you forgot...it's just down the road from Mimosa.

That's my favorite part.

HisDelightIsInMe said...

That is so fun and such a sweet house. For some reason I'm tempted to say "I'll miss you!" But then I remember I live in California and I already miss you. :-p

Tricia said...

The house looks straight from a storybook! I hope you have a happy life there. :)

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