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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Last night, while Pete was in the other room, Piper came to get me while I was doing an email on my computer. She climbed up on my chair and started trying to nurse.

I asked her if she wanted a drink, which is what I've been doing when she wants to nurse lately, to try to get her interested in other food.

Her eyes lit up, and she waved her arms and gave me the excited "yets, yets, yeah!" that I get when I guess what she wants correctly.

"We'll have to get that for you, won't we?" I said, preparing to get up.

She grinned and let out a loud, "DAAAAAAAAAAD!"

I think I may need to watch how often I "use" my husband's servant's heart. Piper needs to know Dad is not our slave.


nic said...

LOL! So sweet!

Alethea Jordan said...

Oh, dear...she's got him going already.

Leeann said...

*wry smile* You said yourself, her cognitive abilities and interests are waaay above the rest of her age group... :)
SO looking forward to seeing you guys. I might quit my job and run away with you to Charleston :-P

Jessica said...

Lol... Lucy did something very similar this morning. Not sure if it was habit or the fact that Dad happened to be in her path toward the kitchen... ;-)

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