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Monday, September 29, 2008

We visited a church yesterday.

It was Piper's first time in the nursery. She was so happy to get down and play with the other little girls that she forgot to see if I was still there for about 20 minutes.

Then she figured out I wasn't.

The poor nursery worker was apologizing and explaining that nothing had happened - Piper just freaked out.

Like I don't know my own daughter. The one who doesn't want to sleep in her own bed in a new place because Mom's not there. The one who won't let me out of her sight when she's feeling insecure.

The one who apparently doesn't like little friends more than she likes me.

That's kind of a nice feeling.

I know it will change someday. She'll be a teenager. She'll go to college. She'll get married. But for now, I think it's okay to like being her favorite.

It's so hard to hold her gently and let God be her all.


darren said...

One of the major reasons we left a church and started attending another one was that neither of our older children would settle down in nursery.

It does get better. Slowly :)

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