Piper Plays Dress-Up

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, Piper handed me one of my shirts that had been thrown across the bed while I was getting ready for church (it's been a while since I went through six different outfits of a morning). She indicated that she wanted me to put it on her. When I did, she kept pushing the sleeves up to get it to stay on, and started parading around as if she was the cutest thing ever.

Which she is.

The reason I can't seem to keep her entertained? I am starting to think I'm aiming too young.

Little smarty.


Alethea Jordan said...

Oh, my.

the dork rules said...

Oh no! Kelly is allowing Piper to mess with her mind! I'd better get down there quick and set everybody straight...

S. Mehrens said...

LOL - too cute. This reminds me of my recent shopping trip. Lauren was trying to pull off numerous shirts from the rack while I was trying to browse. Once she managed to get a couple in the cart she was trying to pull them on her head...which she didn't succeed.

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